Oh boy

I stumbled across this

i stumbled across this earlier this evening. there's something oddly cool about a website like this. it's like that andy warhol movie sleep--which, by the way, i once saw about fifteen minutes of at the andy warhol museum in pittsburgh. you don't get much more real-life than that (the website, not the movie...andy warhol was a dick).

i have a list sitting on the desk in front of me of things i intended to do today. i wrote this list yesterday, fully intending to wake up early and do lots of important and/or long-overdue stuff. i achieved one thing on that list. thank you very much.

several people have already heard the story of how, about a year ago, i sent a cordless phone and an answering machine to electronic heaven by spilling water on both items simultaneously. oddly, that incident was rather amusing, because my answering machine issued its own brand of death rattle for about ten minutes after coming into contact with the home appliance equivalent of kryptonite. random beeps and voice snippets (both messages and that disembodied voice that announced the time on cue every time) came out the whole time...it was neat, in a sick sort of way.

there was a point to that story. but i started listening to amnesiac and, fittingly, my mind went blank.

every time i don't post for more than twenty-four hours, i'm always afraid that i'm going to come back and find that my weblog has been deleted for one reason or another. in fact, i remember a small part of a dream the other night in which i got an e-mail from blogger that said "you're boring. you're not allowed on here any more."

yep, that's right. i have dreams about my weblog. i should just pour mouthwash into my eyes right now.

anyway, time for a few random notes to bring everyone into the work week (not my work week, but some people have real jobs, and i will humor them):

i mentioned a few days ago that i'm reading our band could be your life, which looks at important indie bands in the 80s. i've concluded that when i've finished the book, i'm going to hand in a book report to the internet. that is, i'm going to point out one fact i learned about each band. stay tuned...you'll be surprised.

it's been a quiet e-mail weekend for me on the greetingwishes.com front. i don't know if they've finally taken me off or what. i'm afraid that my e-mails to the webmaster may actually be exacerbating the situation. that is, the webmaster is actually developing a bit of a grudge against me, and every time i send him/her an e-mail, i get added to the list again. we'll see what happens if i ignore them. again, stay tuned.

i saw amelie this weekend. such a marvelous movie, and it made me realize that i miss actually going to movies. i miss sitting in the dark with strangers, i guess.

vasant wrote me an e-mail the other day in which he used the word "distressingly." that reminded me that there's something about words like that--adverbs formed by adding a "-ly" to the end of an adjective ending with "-ing." there's probably an official word for said word construction, but i don't know it. the point is that words like "distressingly" make me happy. take note, ladies...using "-ingly" words is the key to my heart.

for some reason i still have the two free tickets i received for the 28 july 2001 "glam slam metal jam" concert in st. louis, featuring poison, warrant, quiet riot, and enuff z'nuff. i never used said tickets.

i bought more cds in the last week than i had purchased in the previous four months combined. that's sad, but at least i'm swimming in lots and lots of music now.

there's a car dealership in st. louis that uses a resoundingly unfamous british guy as their spokesperson. i have a feeling that they feel that the british accent--even if it is coming from a sleazy, sleazy man--results in more car sales. and they're probably right.

No satellite could map our veins.