Oh boy

I've decided that

I am never again going to look at websites that have won awards for being really cool and stuff. i mean, i appreciate a fine design, fine content, and fine clicky-things (look at what time i wrote this, and you'll understand why i just wrote "clicky-things" and didn't correct it, because i assure you that normally i would) as much as the next person...but after a while it just becomes this sea of coolness. and that sea of coolness achieves two things...first, that sea makes me really dislike the crappy designs that i inevitably stick with because i run out of time/patience (that is not meant as a "please-e-mail-me-and-tell-me-that-i-am-god's-gift-to-web-design" statement--honestly, if you could see the designs i have in my head, i would truly be big ol' dolphin in that sea of coolness). and second, that sea of coolness becomes just that--a sea. there's so much cool stuff out there that after a while you don't really see it anymore. all you see is html staring back at you.

the only reason that i am still awake is because i did laundry this evening (about which i will make only one comment, because i tend to blabber on about laundry for some ungodly reason: bleach is very effective. i didn't bleach my skin or anything...i just tend not to use it, so when i do, it's blindingly wonderful--or wonderfully blinding). so when i was finishing the folding of my clothes, the lady working at the laundromat (and the only other person in said establishment) changed the channel on the television to pbs. the long and the short of it is...

i watched masterpiece theater. not just masterpiece theater, but "exxonmobil's masterpiece theater", making me conjure up images of oil-soaked seals drinking tea with nineteenth-century debutantes or something. anyway, the point is, this program was on. i watched the first five minutes, ran to get everything into my car, sped home, and burst in so i could continue watching it. it was fabulous, in a "the-british-man's-keeping-everyone-down" kind of way. but yes, it was very well done. wonderful camera work constantly making the audience imagine they were watching the news, terrific acting, and a (very true) story that breaks your heart. bravo, exxonmobil's masterpiece theater. bravo.

i really should watch more real pbs. i mean, i stumbled across this show (and soon they're doing this modernization of othello that looks intriguing) and loved it. i stumbled across frontline a few times, and have always enjoyed it.

does saying that you should watch pbs more often make you old? because i feel old.

if the sadness of life makes you tired,

and the failures of man make you sigh.

you can look to the time soon arriving

when this noble experiment winds down and calls it a day.