Oh boy

Oh, i forgot

finally, finally my top ten albums of 2001:

dismemberment plan--change

crooked fingers--bring on the snakes

superchunk--here's to shutting up

her space holiday--manic expressive

fugazi--the argument

nick cave and the bad seeds--no more shall we part


black rebel motorcycle club--brmc

spiritualized--let it come down

low--things we lost in the fire

it was an arduous process to come up with the top ten, and as usual, i went overboard. so if you want, go on over to the site i made for it. nothing fancy. and i warn you that in order to avoid having the site look like ass, you will probably want to have at least 1024 x 768 resolution on the ol' computer screen. sorry...i was going to fix it, but then decided that i just wanted to be done with it.

enjoy, and let me know what you think.

look at me, look at me; i'm as useless as can be.

so i went to the library today and checked out items that were only music-related. a film called half japanese: the band that would be king, this book, and three cds. included in those cds was badlands: a tribute to bruce springsteen's nebraska. i mention this only because it's pretty much all i've listened to today. it's marvelous. my only qualm is that the cd is scratched right in the middle of dar williams's version of "highway patrolman."

i'm not sure what the point of that whole paragraph was. i suppose, now that i've re-read it, it's that i'd like to pull the lungs out of the body of whoever sullied dar williams's heavenly voice. i really would.

i didn't work today, but i really didn't do much of anything else.

oh dear lord, that took

oh dear lord, that took a while.

after literally grappling with my keyboard, and a seemingly wasted couple of hours, not to mention numerous websites informing me that i am not cool enough to have their commenting system, i finally managed to get one. you can see the new comment thingamajig (number of times i've used "thingamajig" in my weblog, including these two times: 4, i think) at the ends of the posts.

please cubed, don't make all my work be for nothing.

according to google, i am now an authority on appropriate modes of dress at a bank.

i owe so many people

i owe so many people e-mail right now, it's not even funny. and i've established a new criteria for knowing when i have too much e-mail to respond to. you see, in the past i would just wait until i got a single e-mail saying "why haven't you e-mailed me?" when i receive that e-mail, it's time to write some more.

obviously, that's not a very courteous method of writing e-mail.

so my new criteria is that when i have to scroll down to see all the e-mails in my inbox (which, unfortunately, is crammed into "how-the-hell-can-i-copy-and-paste-in-this-godforsaken-'browser'" msn explorer, a byproduct of the fact that i'm running on free internet from dell right now), i need to write e-mail.

it's been working so far. but then again, by that criteria, i should have spent this evening writing e-mail instead of visiting with justin and playing with swish. i am apparently the crappiest friend/colleague/sibling on earth.

i just realized that i forgot to pay my rent this month. shit.

and there were all sorts of work-related things i wanted to talk about here, but i see the old clock on the wall is telling me that if i want to actually achieve rem this evening, i should go to bed now.