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The International Competition in Architecture
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Most frequently asked questions: 

1) How to register?
Click on the "log in" button at the top right of the homepage. 

2) How can I change my profile information? 
To get access to your profile, click on the "my profile" button. Don't forget to save changes before closing the page. 

3) I've tried uploading my documents many times, but they won't save. What should I do? 
Check that all of your files are the right format. Supported formats are JPG or PNG for photo ID, JPG, PNG or PDF for the passport, PDF or DOC for your resume. If the problem persists, try to upload smaller files in the right format. 

4) I have already participated in the Jacques Rougerie Foundation - Institut de France International Competition in Architecture and have my old profile on this platform. If I want to participate this year, do I have to create a new profile or update the old one? 
If you already have a profile on this platform, you do not have to create a new one. Just log in with your mail address and password and update the existing profile. 

5) I have registered individually, but then decided to participate with a team. Do I have to create a new "team" profile? 
No you don't. Just choose the "participate as a team" option in "My profile" section, then add every member of your team in the form below. 

6) Do I have to create a profile for each member of the team? 
No, the team leader profile is enough. You can add other members' information in "My profile" - "participate as a team" - "add member" form. 

7) What language should I describe my project in? 
The competition being International, but based in France, you can submit your project either in English or in French. However, you have to make a 600 words max description both in English and in French (300 words in English and 300 words in French). If you don't speak one of the languages, it's fine. Just use some automatic translation tool to meet this requirement. 

8) What should the one page A3 project presentation look like?
This A3 landscape format page should be submitted in a free form. Our competition appreciating creativity, we won't give you "a recipe" of the presentation file. The rule is that there are no rules. You can put some images, stats, short text descriptions on this page, but it is up to you to make it original and to impress us with it. 

9) I registered but I did not get any confirmation e-mail. What do I do? Where do I get all necessary files to submit my project? 
Sometimes automatic replies end up in the "Spam" section of your mail box. Make sure to check it. But probably your mailbox simply does not allow receiving automatic replies. Don't panic: just go to the 'Rules" page of this platform and download everything you need from there. 

10) I already submitted my project, but decided to change it a bit now. How can I do this?
You can only submit your project one time. Once it is submitted, you cannot change it anymore, so before submitting the file, make sure it contains every element required in the "Rules" section.  

If your question is not in this list, go to the "Contact" page and write to us or call. We will be happy to help you out. 
Good luck with your project!