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The International Competition in Architecture
Imagine your future. Make your dreams real.

Like Jules Verne, Gustave Eiffel, Arthur C. Clarke, Jacques Piccard, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Jacques Rougerie... you want your passion and your talent of a designer, architect, engineer, builder to contribute to the evolution of our society so that man could develop a healthier relationship with Earth?

You are passionate about the ocean and the space and want to support their sustainable integration into our society and the awareness of these fundamental domains that are crucial for the future of the mankind?

Every year, the Jacques Rougerie Foundation launches a competition to give rise to vocations…

30 000 € will be distributed among the most promising and innovative projects to encourage their development. These projects, in addition to being innovative, must be based on a global vision of the future and meet the major issues of today. 
Each Prize consists of a financial allocation. Besides, each winner will receive the support of the Foundation’s network in the development of their projects.

… And encourage innovative projects.


The “Innovation and Architecture for the Sea” Award: 10 000 €


The “Innovation and Architecture for Space” Award: 10 000 €


The “Architecture and Sea Level Rise” Award: 10 000 € 
The rise in sea level is considered here a direct result of the issues related to global warming 

Innovation and Sustainable Development - hallmarks of this call for creativity